Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Argyle v Swansea Tuesday 10th March

There's nothing quite like listening to a football match on the radio. That's just what im doing at the moment. It is currently half time and we are holding Swansea and havent managed to score yet. We have had our chances but havent been able to put one in the net yet. Im also watching Liverpool play Real Madrid where the score is 2 nil to Liverpool at the moment. Im a football nut. 98 for 6 in the cricket ..............we could get a result there but i doubt it! West Indies may just get a draw - we could do with a win.

Hopefully in 45 minutes i will be able to report that we have scored and have gained 3 valuable points.

I had a phone call earlier on this evening from a woman telling me i have won a signed Argyle shirt. I bought a raffle ticket just before Christmas outside Home Park waiting to go in to the game and they have just managed to inform the winners - i am well chuffed. She will be bringing it round some time this week. I will take a photo and post it just as soon as i can.

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