Tuesday, 24 March 2009


The warmest day at Home Park for a while and we blew our chances. Ended up losing 2 - 1! Slipping even further down the table - not a pretty sight for the ardent Argyle supporters. Pilgrim Pete abseiled down from the roof before the game - part of the entertainment to support our heroes. We were entertained by a piped band before the game and the Marines at half time who put on an unarmed combat display. I'm just hoping now that we can pick up some points from the remaining 6 games of the season! I got the reminder the other day to buy my season ticket - still the same price as this season which is a bonus. I'm Argyle through and through so will go ahead and buy it but will be gutted if I'm watching them in League One next season. Fingers crossed and legs and everything crossed i wont!
My camcorder has been safely delivered and i am in the process of learning how to use it - all a bit complicated for me at the moment. I'm sure i will get the hang of it. I'm going to take it out and about soon - not sure what I'm going to film but i will give it a go.
Its my daughters birthday tomorrow - she lives in Bristol with her boyfriend so i wont be seeing her. She is coming home for a long weekend in a couple of weeks so we will celebrate with her then.
I was delighted to learn tonight that i was lucky enough to win first prize in a raffle. I bought a ticket at the match between Argyle and Birmingham on December 9Th which coincidentally was my birthday - i had forgotten all about it actually when i got the call to say i had won. My prize is a signed Argyle shirt with a certificate of authenticity. Well chuffed!

Monday, 16 March 2009


Over the next 17 months i will be getting myself ready for the marriage of my son to his girlfriend of 8 years . They are getting married in Bali. I am trying to lose weight - slow but steady thats another reason for going to Salsa classes. Cant be going to a hot country with "excess baggage"! Due to the fact that not all my family will be able to attend i am lucky enough to be being given as a present a Panasonic Camcorder. Im well chuffed - always wanted one but never could afford one! Wish i'd had one when the kids were growing up but nevermind im getting one now. Im going to have to practice with it so that by the time its the wedding i will be almost professional! (only joking)

Saturday, 14 March 2009


The theme for Red Nose Day 09 was the 80's - here i am with a couple of my work colleagues all dressed up!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I am sort of getting to grips with the whole layout of this blog and will try to put some more photos on but its getting late ......................


Coming through the mist the hunt exercising their hounds.............


I write this with a heavy heart! Argyle went down to a very bad penalty decision by the referee. The boys were holding on to a much needed point until the referee awarded a very dubious penalty (according to the commentator on the radio that is) - he ended up booking 6 players but it wasnt a dirty game!

Now we have a bit of a mountain to climb yet again and our next game away to Norwich will be another hard game - but hey lets stay positive. We may just get a result which would be very welcome indeed.

My son has signed for a team today and has travelled away for the first time in ages. He gave 11 aside football up and was concentrating on his education. However he has now decided to return to the football pitch so i may get to see him play soon.

Argyle v Swansea Tuesday 10th March

There's nothing quite like listening to a football match on the radio. That's just what im doing at the moment. It is currently half time and we are holding Swansea and havent managed to score yet. We have had our chances but havent been able to put one in the net yet. Im also watching Liverpool play Real Madrid where the score is 2 nil to Liverpool at the moment. Im a football nut. 98 for 6 in the cricket ..............we could get a result there but i doubt it! West Indies may just get a draw - we could do with a win.

Hopefully in 45 minutes i will be able to report that we have scored and have gained 3 valuable points.

I had a phone call earlier on this evening from a woman telling me i have won a signed Argyle shirt. I bought a raffle ticket just before Christmas outside Home Park waiting to go in to the game and they have just managed to inform the winners - i am well chuffed. She will be bringing it round some time this week. I will take a photo and post it just as soon as i can.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Argyle v Reading March 7th 2009

Well Done Boys! We really deserved to pick up all 3 points today but were robbed and ended up with a 2 all draw. On a rain sodden pitch that held up quite well the boys played to a bigger crowd than normal - probably because of the reduced ticket prices - however saying that its great to see more at the game.
Altogether a better team effort and as can be seen in the photo the team did a team bonding huddle at the start of the game and at the end of the game.
A large crowd i.e. 14,o14 which included 1,444 away fans saw a good game. A first half goal by Gallagher and an excellent strike by Jamie Mackie in the second half meant honours were even at the end of the game.

Argyle have taken points off Wolves, Sheffield and now Reading all pushing for promotion. The next 2 games are away; Tuesday away to Swansea and the following Saturday away to Norwich.
Fingers crossed for another good peformance and another couple of points.............KEEP IT GREEN!

Friday, 6 March 2009


I have been feeling quite ill this week and as a result have been unable to keep my Blog up to date. I will try and add some more photos during the coming weeks - ones that i find of interest and hopefully other Bloggers may too.

Now that its the end of the week the weekend is looming and i am getting myself ready for a vital championship match tomorrow between my beloved Plymouth Argyle and Reading who are riding high in the division. Argyle have had a good couple of wins and seem to be playing just a little bit better - so fingers crossed this time tomorrow i can report on another fine win for the mighty Greens.

I would love to hear from any other Argyle supporters out there in Blog land - so here goes - i will sit and wait to hear from you soon !

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


A good home victory against Watford. A well deserved 2 goals from Gallagher and a consolation goal for Watford gave Argyle their first home win since Boxing Day and two wins on the bouce. Im well pleased. Now looking foward to the next game which is going to be against Reading. We are playing at home so dare i say it - a home advantage! Another win would help us out of the depths that we have plunged towards in the last couple of months.