Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Out and about - Tavistock/Lopwell

I decided to head out to Tavistock today as it appeared that it was going to be a sunny day - that was short lived! As i drove out towards the Dartmoor the heavens opended and i was subjected to heavy hailstones. Not very nice to be driving in i may add! I popped in to Tesco on the way for a light lunch and to get out of the rain.

The sky was black and grey and blue and white all at the same time! Never the less i headed on to Tavistock. Parked the car and headed towards the indoor market. I love it in there. The shops in Tavistock are really different to the ones in Plymouth and i could spend hours looking at them.

I wandered around the streets for a while and then thought i had better head for home as it was getting late. I was driving back accross Dartmoor and came accross the signpost for Lopwell and spur of the minute decision turned off. It was years ago i visited Lopwell Dam and thought i'd pay it another visit. However i followed the signposts and still got lost! It could only happen to me. I have no sense of direction when im in a shop and none whatsoever when im driving! Anyway i ended up in a very pretty place which is near to Lopwell Dam. I discovered when i got home that i should have turned right at the T junction! Great i will know next time i go - maybe later in the week! All in all a mixed day weather wise but i enjoyed getting out and about.

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