Thursday, 9 April 2009


I decided that it was about time i got back to walking home again from Work every evening. The time had come and my mind was made up so i packed my trainers in my bag on Monday morning and took them with me to work. However it was a short lived plan as the heavens opened just as i was about to leave - not a good idea walking in the wind and the rain. I decided to try again on Tuesday.

The trainers were eagerly packed in my bag again and lo and behold the weather improved 100%. A sunny sky and a slight breeze wouldnt put me off this time. So off i set after a long and tiring day at work. I thought i would take some photographs of the sites and scenes on my way which would be of interest to me in years to come and i look back at my photos. The 2 mile walk is a pleasant one. - quite a flat pavement with only a couple bridges to negotiate and one hill towards the end. I had my earphones in and hummed to a range of tunes stored on my mobile phone and ventured onward.

I set off at quite a good pace and managed to keep going until i hit Laira Bridge. Laira Bridge is my "wall" - the wall im referring to is the one the runners hit when they are running the Marathon! For some reason im fine up to the start of Laira Bridge but once i am accross the other side by The Morley Arms my interest falters and im wishing id never decided to walk again. I get my second breath and the wind has picked up so with a little bit of help from mother nature i carry on.

I eventually reach home and am greeted by "you did it then!" I certainly did and i will be doing it again. Ive decided that the money i save from not having to pay Western National £3 will go towards my Wedding Outfit - bit of an incentice i think.

Anyway enough of that - not only did i do the walk on Tuesday but i did it again on Wednesday which is my Salsa night - so now im just a little tired and need to recover. A short week this week and next as it is Easter Holiday.

I have posted some photos of my 2 mile walk - enjoy!

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