Saturday, 1 August 2009


Well its nearly the end of my first of 2 weeks holiday. The weather has been a mixed bag to be honest so havent been able to get out and about as much as i would have hoped.
We did manage to clear the back garden though in preparation for August 22nd - the day set aside for a farewell BBQ for my son and his fiancee as they embark on 3 months travel overseas. Rhe photo above on the left show the garden as it is at the moment waiting for all the rubbish to be taken away.
I went on a very long walk from my house with a friend and her dog on Thursday - i would say about a 4 mile jaunt. Thankfully we didnt get too wet and managed to avoid most of the rain when we sheltered under the trees and the usefull umberella! Ventured down The Ride and saw a static gypsy caravan site and met two very blonde boys who would show us their new puppies - all 8 of them

We walked through the bottome end of Saltram House and ended up at Sainsbury's and then walked along the embankment back to Laira Bridge. By the time we had got back to Laira Bridge i was ready to sit down. The photo on the right was taken as i walked through Saltram - not sure what it is but it can be seen from the Embankment quite clearly and i have never been so close to it so decided to take a snap.

On Friday 31st - which was my wedding anniversary - i went with 2 friends to Greenway - the summer residence of Agatha Christie. We were lucky with the weather and had a very enjoyable time going round the house and gardens. After the visit we went to The Willows and had a Carvery for £3.50 which was exceedingly good and i would recommend it to anyone.

So now its Saturday 1st August and weatherwise its still unsettled. I went over to Millbrook this afternoon to watch my son play football - and to have a little wander around the football pitch to see if i could find any butterflies. I did manage to find a bumble bee or 5 and a slug. There were some butterflies but they didnt settle so i was unable to take a snap!

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